Tuesday, 25 December 2007

This Week!!!

Well for Christmas Eve there was mom and dad with all of us kids. Then Evaughn and the boys came and Nan and Gramp for dinner. It was crowded, but a lot of fun! We opened gifts after dinner. Christmas morning we all gathered at mom's for presents at 8. Mom had cinnamon rolls warming in the oven. They were sooo yummy! For the next 5 hrs we opened gifts. We do them one by one and watch while they open. We all got a lot more than we needed but it was fun! I got Squabble Scene It for Brad and Nikki and we're all getting ready to play! Its chick flicks vs. guy movies. Sounds like a good argument is on its way!!! We don't know how to play a movie without fighting!! I know, for those of you that really know me its hard to believe!! We have some more stuff going on this week but here are some of the pics from last night.
Belly shot!!
Pig Pile and i'm on bottom!
All the kids!
Nan and Gramp with the grandkids!
The other night we had a sleepover at Haley's and played Rock Band! It can be very addicting and we played till 1:30 in the morning. Its harder than it looks and i'm definatley not a drummer but i got the guitar a little bit.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Everyone is here!!!!!

Well Em and Dan arrived last night which means all the kids are home for Christmas!!!! My brothers attacked Em and Dan with snowballs when they arrived. Dan has never seen so much snow before. He was amazed. We went out and found an old sled and went sliding down our little bump of a hill out front. Dan enjoyed it though. Here are a few pics!

Dan really got into it!

He just didn't get too far!

all the action was a little much for bern!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Shawnee Peak

Sunday we were snowed in and received about a foot of snow so me and my friends decided we should hit the slopes! It was Chasin's last day before he left to spend Christmas with his family so he, Haley, me, John, Jeremy, Andrew and some other kid went to Shawnee Peak. It was wicked cold and wicked windy, but the snowboarding was amazing!!! And since school hasn't let out yet there was like no one on the slopes! I think we all wiped out a few times and no one was hurt except for Andrew. He decided to tuck the top half of the trail and see how much air he could get off this jump. Well he definately got air, but once he landed his skis came off (one was broken and they fleew off into the woods!!) and he totally wiped out!! He tried to play tough, but you could definately tell he hurt his back! He lasted a few more runs, but then he was done. He ski style is equal to an old man!

You can tell we are really worried!

After we were done i went to Haley's for a while and her mom made some wicked good chicken soup!! Then Haley made me this amazing cup of hot chocolate with squirty whip on top! I was really enjoying it but well me and Haley were in one of our moods where we laugh at everything so I almost died drinking it cause i couldn't breathe!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


It was a busy day but a fun one! I went to work but didn't get as much painting done as i had hoped cause they kept sending me on errands but it helped my day go by faster. After work i went to volleyball practice. I'M SUCH AN OLD LADY!!!!! I was so out of shape but the team doesn't really have the drive it did when i played so it was a relaxful practice. Then my friend Garrett works for the Lewiston Mainiacs and got us a few tickets. There was a drunk lady in front of us for the first quarter so she was interesting to watch and then across the way there was this one person that danced to the YMCA! It was pretty funny. Me, Bern and Brad all sang along to Sweet Caroline! I thought that was a baseball song but apparently it works for hockey too. I didn't really know what was going on but there was a few good fights so it made it interesting. My camera doesn't have the best zoom so i couldn't get the shots i really wanted but i hope you enjoy the few that i got.
Bern and Me

Brad and Nikki

Chase and Haley

We won 5 to 2

Monday, 10 December 2007

I'm Home!!!!!

Well we made it home safely on Saturday around 11:30 p.m. The drive didn't seem that long except for when i was awake and had to watch and listen to Nate and Arancha! They are a very mushy couple!! I finally talked Nate into letting me drive again right before we reached Massachusetts. I was going along just fine till the car behind me that i had just cut off (i honestly didn't realize i was that close till after i switched lanes!) flicked on its blue lights! My heart sunk! So I pull over and the cop thinks we're trying to hide something cause he saw Nate reaching into the front (he was just giving me my wallett) and so they were questioning us and checked our car a little. Then he asked me why I thought he pulled me over. I decided to stick with one thing so i said speeding. He said i was doing 16 over, traveling in the 2nd lane, not using my turning signals and i cut him off! (Mom, if you're reading this, I'm sorry i didn't get around to telling you!) Well i tried to look as innocent as possible and prayed like a mad woman and the cop let me off with a warning!!
My parents were very glad to see us though we didn't stay up too late talking. I heard the dogs yapping a little bit down stairs so i started calling them and they started barking like crazy and well lets just say Brad and Nikki don't have much of a sense of humor at midnight! They forgave me by morning though. Sunday afternoon mom took us out for a quick bite then took me, nikki and arancha to this old victorian house that gets all decorated for Christmas and has a little tea thing. It was nice but mom definately enjoys that sort of thing more than us! We tried to be as enthusiastic as possible! Sunday night we went out for a bite with some friends after church and had a wicked good time! Then Monday morning I'm getting ready for work and I look out the window to the beautiful sight of SNOW!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Thanksgiving Break!!

Well the Lord allowed me to spend Thanksgiving break with my good friend, Cathy and her family! Yes, I had a wicked good time on the dairy farm! And even though i was a little sad to be spending my break in Ohio (i've never really considered it to be in the North!) my opinion was quickly changed! Especially when it was snowing!!!! O it was wicked pretty!!! I met tons of family and friends of Cathy which was a little overwhelming at times, but I managed to make it through just fine. I really didn't want to leave and I was hoping for a major snow storm to keep us stranded on the farm for the weekend, but it just didn't happen! Cathy's family was wicked nice and unfortunately we had to leave just as i was starting to get comfortable with them :( so sad! I know they all miss me :)
They took me shopping on my first Black Friday and I have to say I don't see what was so great about it! The lines were far too long and it was wicked crowded!! But well at least Cathy was able to get something since the whole day turned out to be about her anyways! Though they did get me this really yummy pretzel thing that made it worth it all! Cathy showed me around the farm while I was there and let me experience the fun a little bit! I think she thought I would be grossed out by some of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! We went fourwheeling and Cathy got wicked mad cause I took her through a little mud! She grew up on a farm I don't see what she was complaining about! It was only flying up on us a little! Here are some pics of my stay! Thanks Cathy for giving me a wicked cool break! Love you lots!!
Cathy and Me haning out
letting a calf suck on my hand
it was very interesing!
giving the calves a drink
we were actually already done fourwheeling
but forgot to take a pic so we went back!
I milked a cow by hand!
hooking the cow up
in the milk house
Cathy teachig me to drive the tractor

feeding the calves

some tall thing Cathy wouldn't let me climb cause she said it was too cold out!