Monday, 13 August 2007

Saying Goodbye!!!

The one thing i hate about returning to school is having to say goodbye to everyone. Even though i'm not leaving till Friday i have had to start already. To most of my family on Saturday when i left camp then on Sunday i had to do some more. Cindy Fortin is like a second mother to me and she is leaving this tuesday to take her oldest son off to college for his first year.Tonight me and Nate went down to Freeport to visit with John and his family. They were camping out down there by the ocean for the week. We sat around the fire cooking s'mores and listening to Mr. Gagnon tell his Fort Kent stories!! It was a lot of fun!!This Wednesday I'm spending with my friend Rach and me and Nate are hoping that after church we can go out for a drink with most of our friends for one last hoorah!!!