Friday, 22 February 2008

For Now

Well i haven't really been up to much lately. I'm staying busy with classes and work. For homework my hardest and most time consuming project has been a creating a brochure on the college for Technical Writing and knowing that the test grade for 3 other people depends on me!!!! STRESSFUL!!!! At work i have come to learn that there is such a thing as Laughing Cow Cheese!!! I had to hunt a lady down that i had sent away because i thought she was joking! Come to find out we had a basket full of it that i pass every day!
I have caught every sickness that has passed through this school. Last weekend i spent 90% of the time in bed! I am finally getting better. Thank the Lord!!! Unfortunately while i was sick i had to miss out on my girls night that i had planned so Jenny, Taryn, Nikki, Katie and Tiffany i am very sorry i couldn't make it and we will plan another night soon! Also my brother Bern passed through while on his way to Georgia and of course i couldn't make it out of bed to visit with him. It happens every time a relative comes through! Its ok though because we will all be together soon for Nate and Arancha's wedding. March 14!!!! I will post a few pics for you all.
I am very excited because my show, LOST, has finally started its 4th season!!! If you are looking for an interesting show to become a fan of i highly recommend it!! And you can catch up if want by watching all seasons online for free at
I am enjoying my day off from work and i've decided this week to use it to catch up on my laundry!!! Tonight i hope to make it to the last home game for our Crown basketball team. Tomorrow night after work i plan to visit Mrs. Payne for a little while.
Next Friday we do not have school and my mom should be arriving. Please pray that i will find the perfect dress quickly as that is my mom's intent and i'm really not looking forward to it! Hopefully something exciting will happen in my life soon! Until then.....