Tuesday, 31 July 2007


My bracelet
Well yesterday at day care me and some of the girls made bracelets. This was my first attempt so its not as good as some of you crafty people out there but i was impressed!!!! I just wish i had more to go with colors i chose!!! O well its not like i ever cared about that before!!
Today me and Nate took Arancha down to Manchester to catch her flight. We got there a little early so i had to sit in the parking lot for a little over an hour. I was sooo bored!!! There is only so much you can do in a car on a hot afternoon. Finally i picked Nate up and we headed to Standish to hear the girls sing. Unfortunately we missed our turn off and our road ended and we were on the beach!!!! So we finally got heading into the right direction and there were 2 accidents on the way. We saw the first one and the 2nd one had just happened. Ended up right in the middle of the highway!!! I don't think anyone was seriously hurt in either one though. We were only like 30 min. late but they were still singing and it was soo good to see them!!!! Unfortunatley we didn't get to stay for long. The girls had tried lobstah this afternoon and i was telling them of my pregnant lobstah experience last summer and Marla thought she was going to be sick cause she realized that hers had been pregnant as well. She thought the little red things were just part of lobstahs and didn't know they were eggs!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It was wicked funny!!! I told them that they all needed to try some Moxie since they were in Maine and they said that they were going to pick one up when they headed out tomorrow!! Hope they enjoy it!!!!
Me all dressed up!!
Me, Joy and Charity
The Girls