Saturday, 25 August 2007


so we went to Jenny's the other night and had a wicked good time!!!! after eating like complete pigs Jenny got out one of the greatest things ever to be invented the wii and we began our entertainment and exercise for the night!!! me and jenny started out boxing which took much more effort than i was expecting so we slowed things down a bit and went to bowling. i got third place but i was quite proud of myself since i had to redo half of my turns cause i threw the ball too high! we played some baseball and i was about to lose but on my last turn i hit a home run and won!!!!! we played some tennis and a little more boxing before realizing that it was time to go. i really enjoyed it and i think i'm going to cancel my request for a kyak and go with a wii for christmas!!! maybe my parents will consider this one!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

I'm Back

well i'm finally back in tennessee. the weather is disgustingly hot and sticky and i desperately long to be back at camp where if the sun got too hot then you went in the lake!! i had to dress up for the first time since school ended last spring on sunday and i got huge blisters on the backs of my feet from the new shoes and then they popped and BOY DO THEY HURT!!!!! i haven't been able to wear shoes with backs on them all week!!!!!! i can say that it is nice to be back with my friends. the Lord has greatly blessed me with some wonderful friends who have been a huge blessing and encouragement since i've gotten back! i've been working all week in the auditorium and academy. i have been sweating all week and thats bad cause i'm working in air conditioned buildings!! i think i might be suffering from slight hot flashes!!!!! anyways the detail cleaning is over so we have a little more free time and i enjoy relaxing. tomorrow though we stop working as a group and do our own areas so its gonna take a little longer but the new recruits start next wednesday!!!! last night me, katie, tiffany and taryn went out to celebrate taryn's birthday!!!! we had such a great time!!!! we ate like pigs and laughed a lot!!!! i felt so sick when we left!!! tonight jenny is having some girls over to hang out and i can actually make it this time!!!!! never seemed to work out last year! well until something else comes up......

Monday, 13 August 2007

Saying Goodbye!!!

The one thing i hate about returning to school is having to say goodbye to everyone. Even though i'm not leaving till Friday i have had to start already. To most of my family on Saturday when i left camp then on Sunday i had to do some more. Cindy Fortin is like a second mother to me and she is leaving this tuesday to take her oldest son off to college for his first year.Tonight me and Nate went down to Freeport to visit with John and his family. They were camping out down there by the ocean for the week. We sat around the fire cooking s'mores and listening to Mr. Gagnon tell his Fort Kent stories!! It was a lot of fun!!This Wednesday I'm spending with my friend Rach and me and Nate are hoping that after church we can go out for a drink with most of our friends for one last hoorah!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Summer Is Over!

Well my last week to enjoy my summer was great!!! Late Sunday night i headed up to camp with my friend Rach and Mrs. Weeks and her girls. My mom and Mrs. Berry and her boys were already there. We about froze the first night. It has been getting wicked cold lately and we didn't have enough blankets on the beds! It was sort of a gloomy day with overhanging clouds and a rain storm in the afternoon, but we went tubing and played games. Tuesday was the day they had to leave and like always it was gorgeous!!!! They hated to go but we got some jet skiing in, went kyaking and layed out for a little bit. Wednesday it rained so me and mom headed to Bangor for some school shopping. Now i hate shopping and i'm not very good at it, but we did quite well compared to previous years! We had to get a pedicure cause mom said she needed something for putting up with me all day! I had to take a 2 hr nap when we were done cause shopping wears me out!!! When we got back i built a nice fire with the wood in the woodshed and then we had a major thunder and lightning storm, but it made it through it all. Course when Nate and Dad showed up Dad was quite upset with me for using his hardwood in the shed!!! That is for inside the camp only and i was to use wood from brush piles outside. I was having trouble enough getting the fire going with his dry wood, I can't imagine trying to use the wet wood outside!!!!! I made him a nice s'more though and he cooled down. Thursday was quite nice and my relatives from South Carolina came up for the day. We ate no bakes and went tubing!! Friday me and Nate got up and went to Nan and Gramp's for breakfast. Lynn was still there and we had a nice little visit and enjoyed Nan's blueberry muffins!!! YUMMY!!!! I visited with Glo our neighbor a little that night and found out that we both enjoy cribbage so i went down and played a game with her the next day. Saturday was the best day of all and i really didn't want to leave but it was a good ending. We jet skied and visited. I played with my cousins Isaac and Caleb and layed out. It was sad to say good bye to everyone. The Libbys and Glo's clan are like a summer family and they are all so nice. I am going to really miss them this winter!!! Dad has been putting some siding onto the camp and it looks totally different! There will be more photos of camp in My Photo Album. Me and Nate made it home safely and Nate is going to show his slide presentation from Spain tonight in church! Well my church is having a cookout before the service since most of the college students are going to be leaving soon. Gotta go get ready!!!!
kyaking to the island

me falling into the fire

Me and Drew Libby

Me and Glo

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Family Reunion

William and Me
Well my last day of work went well. The kids were good and that helped the day go by. Triston made me the cutest card and i laughed so hard!!! In the afternoon i took just William and Triston outside to play for a bit. It was fun and i'm going to miss them!!
My parents and Nate picked me up from work and we headed to Bar Harbor. We stayed in this dumpy motel and we had the biggest thunder and lightning storm that we have seen all summer!!! The lightning was amazing!!! Saturday we went to Auntie Jo and Uncle Gary's place on the ocean for a little family reunion. We were celebrating Nanny and Gramp's 60th wedding anniversary!! Me and Nate went digging in the seaweed and found some crabs. One kept chasing after my leg!!!! We bought 60 lbs of lobstah and had a lobstah feed for lunch and they were sooo good!!!! I ate one and then me and Lynn sat and picked the leftover lobstahs. It took forever and we smelt so bad afterwards!!! We kept smelling our hands all afternoon. My hands got a little slippery and towards the end I cut myself on the shell. Right down my palm!! After we cleaned up we cut the cake and had homeade ice cream!!! YUMMY!!!!
Nanny and Gramp
Me and Nate

Lobstah FeedWe left the reunion and headed to the Mason's. They were having their annual pig roast and we made it in time for a little visiting and pick up. Us kids played a little ping pong and i won every game i played!! You can view more pics of my day through my link to My Photo Albums and go under Bar Harbor.

Chin Ping Pong