Tuesday, 10 July 2007

MY DAY!!!!

Well me and sarah got up around 8:30 this morning and watched a couple movies. It was a rainy morning! Me and the Qualls were talking and we have decided to start dieting tomorrow and see who can lose the most!! Then we headed out and stopped at Subway and picked up lunch for everyone. That was a big order!!! So we got to Sarah's and ate lunch and then we played Dance Dance Revolution!!!! Theirs is actually a cheaper version, but still lots of fun!! I want to get the disc for my playstation, but i have to wait a little bit for that. Then i went fourwheeling with Mark, Dan, and Sharon!!! I hope to do more on thursday when i have more time. I had to hurry off today to go sweep through Bern's house. The electricians had been working in there and really messed the place up!!! Took me a while and it was sooo hot in there!!!! Then i came home and really wanted to go swimming, but i was just too tired and we have like 15 frogs in there right now!!! I was sitting and relaxing for a minute and dad came in and asked me if i wanted to do the lawn!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA YA RIGHT!!!!! Not today dad!!! I went and took a much needed shower! This evening i was telling my mom about my diet and she is all about having a food plan so she had me take this survey about myself to find out what body type i am and i am on this strict diet for the next 6 weeks!!! I am soo going to beat Mary and Sarah!!! WAHOO!!!!!
Bernard's House
It Was Dirtier Than It Looks!
Trying Out The New Tub