Tuesday, 25 December 2007

This Week!!!

Well for Christmas Eve there was mom and dad with all of us kids. Then Evaughn and the boys came and Nan and Gramp for dinner. It was crowded, but a lot of fun! We opened gifts after dinner. Christmas morning we all gathered at mom's for presents at 8. Mom had cinnamon rolls warming in the oven. They were sooo yummy! For the next 5 hrs we opened gifts. We do them one by one and watch while they open. We all got a lot more than we needed but it was fun! I got Squabble Scene It for Brad and Nikki and we're all getting ready to play! Its chick flicks vs. guy movies. Sounds like a good argument is on its way!!! We don't know how to play a movie without fighting!! I know, for those of you that really know me its hard to believe!! We have some more stuff going on this week but here are some of the pics from last night.
Belly shot!!
Pig Pile and i'm on bottom!
All the kids!
Nan and Gramp with the grandkids!
The other night we had a sleepover at Haley's and played Rock Band! It can be very addicting and we played till 1:30 in the morning. Its harder than it looks and i'm definatley not a drummer but i got the guitar a little bit.