Tuesday, 11 December 2007


It was a busy day but a fun one! I went to work but didn't get as much painting done as i had hoped cause they kept sending me on errands but it helped my day go by faster. After work i went to volleyball practice. I'M SUCH AN OLD LADY!!!!! I was so out of shape but the team doesn't really have the drive it did when i played so it was a relaxful practice. Then my friend Garrett works for the Lewiston Mainiacs and got us a few tickets. There was a drunk lady in front of us for the first quarter so she was interesting to watch and then across the way there was this one person that danced to the YMCA! It was pretty funny. Me, Bern and Brad all sang along to Sweet Caroline! I thought that was a baseball song but apparently it works for hockey too. I didn't really know what was going on but there was a few good fights so it made it interesting. My camera doesn't have the best zoom so i couldn't get the shots i really wanted but i hope you enjoy the few that i got.
Bern and Me

Brad and Nikki

Chase and Haley

We won 5 to 2