Monday, 18 June 2007

It Was Dad's Idea!!

Well it is just me and dad home tonight. Mom has gone off to North Conway for a couple days. So we were just enjoying our evening grilling hamburgers on the grill and i mentioned that i had seen a frog in the pool this morning. I told him i was going to get him out later and dad said to get it out and kill it. He said that was his plan this year since we are always having to get them out! They just can't resist such a large pool of water. So dad figures if we get them out and kill them then we won't have to deal with them so much. He said you just skim them out and drop a rock on them. We decided to go out together. I admit this frog was a little smarter than some of the ones we get, but dad finally got him out and told me to run and get a rock. So i grabbed one from the pile and came over and dropped it, but afterwards dad told me that he doesn't normally crush them that hard. I really drove it in the ground!!! Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, but it got a lot of dirt on it! The guts came right out of the side of it!! SO GROSS!!! Now i know some of you may be a little upset about this post of mine, but i guess i'm a little heartless when it comes to frogs. I won't even begin to tell you all of the things i've done to the creatures. At least i put this one out of its misery, though it did move a little while taking pictures, but i'm sure it was just nerves! Anyways sorry if this was a little much for some of you! I'll be sure to make the next one uninteresting!!