Monday, 17 December 2007

Shawnee Peak

Sunday we were snowed in and received about a foot of snow so me and my friends decided we should hit the slopes! It was Chasin's last day before he left to spend Christmas with his family so he, Haley, me, John, Jeremy, Andrew and some other kid went to Shawnee Peak. It was wicked cold and wicked windy, but the snowboarding was amazing!!! And since school hasn't let out yet there was like no one on the slopes! I think we all wiped out a few times and no one was hurt except for Andrew. He decided to tuck the top half of the trail and see how much air he could get off this jump. Well he definately got air, but once he landed his skis came off (one was broken and they fleew off into the woods!!) and he totally wiped out!! He tried to play tough, but you could definately tell he hurt his back! He lasted a few more runs, but then he was done. He ski style is equal to an old man!

You can tell we are really worried!

After we were done i went to Haley's for a while and her mom made some wicked good chicken soup!! Then Haley made me this amazing cup of hot chocolate with squirty whip on top! I was really enjoying it but well me and Haley were in one of our moods where we laugh at everything so I almost died drinking it cause i couldn't breathe!!!