Thursday, 27 September 2007


Well we had a little birthday party with our Dorm parents last night and we decided to take a dorm picture since we would all be there and dressed up. This was our third attempt at a picture. We visited with the Gages and then they left and we were still waiting on one girl that was hanging out with her boyfriend. I'm still not exactly sure who she is. I didn't realize anyone was missing. I'm horrible at knowing names and faces. But I do know now that there is an Ellen in my dorm! Anyways after she got back we took a few pics and then i decided to get some pics of me and my roommates! Mom will be soo proud of me! I've never gotten pics of all my roommates (at least not ones i can show) and she is always asking to see what they look like. So here they are!
My Room!

Betsy Whalen and her horse's tail!

Stafanie Buele and Me!

Amy Mickle

Hope McDonald and Me!

Sarah you should be soo proud of me! I remembered all of their last names!!!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cathleen Henschen!!!!

I first met Cathy 2 yrs ago in her 1st grad classroom, but she was so intimidating i didn't really get to know her till last year. And it has been one of the best things i have ever done!! I consider her to be a wicked good friend of mine. She is always there when i need her and she has been such an encouragement to me this past year! I don't know what i would have done without her!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEELHTAC!!!!!! Don't let the idea of being half way to 50 get you down too much!!! I'm praying for you! Love Nahnah

Monday, 17 September 2007

Brad and NIkki

Well Brad and me weren't exactly the closest in the fam by any means, but over the past few years we've actually started missing each other. Brad attened Hyles for a semester where he met Nikki. She is from California and he moved out there after Christmas. They were married last March and are now on their way to Maine. The cost of living in California was too much and they chose the wicked good state of Maine as their next home. They are wicked smaht!! Unfortunately they stopped through yesterday and i had stayed in and i was too tired i slept right through their visit!!! I'm sooo bummed!!! Nate being the great bro that he is took this pic for me. I did get to talk to brad for a few minutes on the phone and i'll get to see him at Christmas so we are looking forward to that. Brad and Nikki have 2 babies (their dogs)!! Mom is always saying she wants to be a Nannnie and Brad was like mom just wait we'll be there with the kids in a month and she got so mad cause she refuses to be a grandmother to dogs!!! Please pray for them as they continue in their traveling! They should be there hopefully late tonight!!!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Wicked Good Teachers!!!!!

Well I am working on Crown Student Employment again this year. This will be my third year cleaning in the academy. I love working in the academy! It can get a little old and redundant at times, but i get to clean for the best teachers ever!!! Mary, Cathy and Sarah!!! I wish you guys could hear some of the things your kids say about you!! They keep me quite entertained except for that one kid that hit me with the bat!! Mary and Cathy have been teaching as long as i have been cleaning and although they were a little intimidating at first we have grown to be quite comfortable with each other. Once in a while they even let me come and eat lunch with their class and sometimes if i do a good job cleaning they offer me a piece of candy!!!! I got to know Sarah when she was working at the college. I miss eating lunch with her and watching her spill her salad all over the place! The three of them have become great friends to me and the Lord has really used them to be an encouragement to me. I love you guys!!!!
Mary, remember when we spent all that time
walking across this bridge only to get lost on the other side???
Cathy, this is the only pic i have with you!!
We need to do a better job this year!!!
Sarah, maybe next
time i can hold the camera???

Friday, 7 September 2007

New Page Element!

So i added a new page element to my blog and was informed by a friend that i should write something about it since its at the bottom and most people don't scroll to the bottom so they would never see it. Cathy, this video is for you! ENJOY!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sarah Vink

I don't even know where to begin. I haven't met a person yet who doesn't like her. It doesn't matter whether you're a good friend or a complet stranger she'll talk to you and be genuinely interested in everything you're saying. I've been with her while she entertains a whole room for an hour and I've been with her sitting in my dorm talking and praying about something in our lives. We met our freshman year and she was soo different from any friend i had ever had. After hurting her greatly one semester with my actions I realized that her friendship meant more to me than anything else that was going on and we have been great friends evere since. She has always been there to encourage me or get after me about something that I shouldn't be doing. She has taught me so much and I will be forever grateful that the Lord has allowed us to become friends. I love you Sarah!!!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Not Much Has Gone On

Well there have been a few small things that i had planned to write about but i still have yet to get the pictures on my computer so i gave up on those ideas. The other day a roommate from my freshman year stopped by and we went out for breakfast. It was nice to catch up with her. Thursday night the Harless's had the bus workers over and i ate sooo much!!! Renol was there as well and he kept us entertained with his balloons! He is an interesting fellow. Jackie said she might have me over to paint the trim in her house. That would be a lot of fun!! Painting trim is my favorite! My first day of classes went well though we haven't really done anything yet. I was suppose to go to Wonder Works with the school last night but i either have allergies or a head cold so i stayed in and went to bed early. 11 and 1/2 hours later i woke up for visitation feeling refreshed though i didn't sound it. Me and Jackie visited the route and we are praying for a really good day tomorrow. Sarah and Alysha are joining the route this year and we are excited about that. We are still taking 2 vans but we hope to have a bus by next week. The nice thing about vans is that we have air for the afternoons which feels great in this disgusting weather!!! We have retreat Monday and Tuesday and i am looking forward to that as it is a good way to start of the year.