Thursday, 27 September 2007


Well we had a little birthday party with our Dorm parents last night and we decided to take a dorm picture since we would all be there and dressed up. This was our third attempt at a picture. We visited with the Gages and then they left and we were still waiting on one girl that was hanging out with her boyfriend. I'm still not exactly sure who she is. I didn't realize anyone was missing. I'm horrible at knowing names and faces. But I do know now that there is an Ellen in my dorm! Anyways after she got back we took a few pics and then i decided to get some pics of me and my roommates! Mom will be soo proud of me! I've never gotten pics of all my roommates (at least not ones i can show) and she is always asking to see what they look like. So here they are!
My Room!

Betsy Whalen and her horse's tail!

Stafanie Buele and Me!

Amy Mickle

Hope McDonald and Me!

Sarah you should be soo proud of me! I remembered all of their last names!!!!!