Saturday, 8 September 2007

Wicked Good Teachers!!!!!

Well I am working on Crown Student Employment again this year. This will be my third year cleaning in the academy. I love working in the academy! It can get a little old and redundant at times, but i get to clean for the best teachers ever!!! Mary, Cathy and Sarah!!! I wish you guys could hear some of the things your kids say about you!! They keep me quite entertained except for that one kid that hit me with the bat!! Mary and Cathy have been teaching as long as i have been cleaning and although they were a little intimidating at first we have grown to be quite comfortable with each other. Once in a while they even let me come and eat lunch with their class and sometimes if i do a good job cleaning they offer me a piece of candy!!!! I got to know Sarah when she was working at the college. I miss eating lunch with her and watching her spill her salad all over the place! The three of them have become great friends to me and the Lord has really used them to be an encouragement to me. I love you guys!!!!
Mary, remember when we spent all that time
walking across this bridge only to get lost on the other side???
Cathy, this is the only pic i have with you!!
We need to do a better job this year!!!
Sarah, maybe next
time i can hold the camera???