Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Ellie is one of the best friends i've ever had. I've always felt free to just be myself around her and i really miss her being around. We were tight in highschool and when she left for college she use to have me call her room every now and then to sing a song for her and her roommates. Ellie got married last fall and now lives in Nebraska. We aren't the best at keeping in touch, but when we get together no matter how long its been we are able to pick right up from where we left off and have fun! She and Vance were able to come home for a week to see her family and i got to visit with her Monday night. Wish we could have had more time, but i'm thankful for the few hours that we had. I love you Ellie!!!!Well on my days off i have been painting. The Allens have purchased a 3 apartment complex in Augusta and my dad has been doing carpentry work for them and they decided to let me paint. There is nothing like doing a rehab. The buildings have this dirty smell when you walk in, but i've come to love it!!! Its a smell that says, yes its rundown, but i can fix it up!!! I like to see the rooms change and become new again. This is an old apartment with a lot of old woodwork and its going to look very nice when its all done. I really hope we can get most of it done before i leave for Crown. I painted with Mrs. Allen and it was fun painting and listening to the oldies. Dad didn't think i could hear him in the other room, but i could and it was fun listening to him sing You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman!!!! It made me laugh!!! This picture was taken one of my first days when i was working with the extremely runny primer. It wasn't very fun cleaning up from this, but now i am done using that stuff and i'm not nearly as dirty at the end of the day!Well i hope you all have a wicked good week. The rest of mine is looking quite busy!!! I work all day tomorrow then i have church. Thursday i work and then i am either coming home to do a few things (maybe mow the lawn) or spend the night at the Fortins. Nate and Arancha arrive late that night, but it doesn't look like i will see them till Sunday afternoon. Friday i am working then spending the night at the Fortins and then on Saturday we have their company picnic which i am heading up the kid's games. The forecast is calling for rain so please pray that it doesn't cause i'm not sure what me and mike will do if it does!!!!