Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Weekend I had the priviledge of going to my favorite place in the world!!! Most people don't believe me, but the few that I have managed to get to camp at Madagascal always want to go back for more. I've never been to a more peaceful place in all my life and I'm hoping for many more weekends there this summer!
This weekend was mostly for cleaning. All the neighbors were up, but we didn't have much time for catching up. We made it to camp friday evening and vaccuumed enough of the camp so that we could sleep there. Saturday Dad and Bern built bunkbeds in the bunkhouse while mom cleaned the rest of the main cabin. I was sent out for groceries and somehow Bern talked me into doing his laundry.
I was able to get quite a bit of pleasure reading done! In the evenings Bern and I would enjoy a game then we would all hit the hay! Usually we would have a campfire going, but it is still pretty early in the summer and it was freezing cold and the blackflies were so thick we weren't able to spend much time outside. Sunday we attended Lee Baptist Church with our grandparents and then my cousin Sean came out for the afternoon. It was his 19th birthday! Bern and I took Sean for a canoe ride where Sean enjoyed scaring me every now and then by rocking the boat! The water was extremely cold and I had no desire to go in.
Monday Dad and I cleaned out the loft! We took down the old mattresses and holders. They had been up there since the camp was built and they were extremely heavy!!! I'm not sure what they were made of but I'm thankful for the way mattresses are made today! Nan and Gramp along with Aunt Bobbie came in for our last dinner at camp before we left. It was a lot of fun. Gramp challenged me to a game of cribbage and trimmed me good at the end! I'm sorry I do not have any pictures at this time. I took all of them with Bern's camera and so I do not have the memory card.