Wednesday, 27 June 2007


It has been wicked hot and humid here in Maine this week! YUCK!!!! So i haven't really felt like doing much. No one really seems to have much energy this week though we were kinda antsy at church tonight!! Anyways!! I really wasn't looking forward to work today because of the humidity, but it went alright. The girls have some program they do on Wednesday mornings so we just had 4 boys and we played outside all morning. Then i sprayed them down with the hose for a while. They had a lot of fun with that!! We kept them in a lot more in the afternoon than usual because it was too hot and the kids were a little rambunctous!! We had to ban them from the play dough because it was causing too many fights!! All the kids left early so i got to leave 15 min. early!!! I was wicked excited cause i only have an hour to get ready for church and i wanted to take a shower first cause i felt disgusting. Since i work up by the church and it takes too long to get home i just go to the Fortins to get ready and i just so happened to get there when they were eating dinner so i got to stuff my face as well!!!!
Church was really good. Me and my friend Sharon sit with the Fortins. They have pretty much adopted us into their family. Unfortunatley our schedules don't allow us much time to get together like we are use to so church is really the only time we get to see each other though i am spending tomorrow night with them!!! I can't wait!! Anyways my pastor put his back out earlier today so Pastor Powell filled in and he is sort of known for being very monotone, but he did an excellent job and preached on praising the Lord and reasons that we always have no matter what the circumstances are that we can praise the Lord for. Very good and encouraging!!
After church i was on my way home and somehow my parents ended up behind me which is wierd cause they left before me, but anywho they called me up and dad wanted to treat us to ice cream so we stopped at the Dairy Maid and i had Maine Tracks which has got to be some of the best ice cream i've ever had!!! Then we went home and dad decided we needed to put the AC in so we lugged it up from the garage and put her in!!! It gets wicked hot upstairs which is where we all sleep so we are really excited to have it in. It takes a while to cool down and we were sooo hot so me and my parents all went for a swim before bed to cool down. It was so much fun!!! My parents beat me in, but i came running and cannonballed them!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mom didn't really appreciate it cause she didn't want to get her hair wet before bed but i told her it would help cool her down. Well i guess that is all for my wicked good day!!!