Monday, 9 July 2007

Me and Sarah!!!

Tonight i got off from work and headed to the Fortin's house!! Unfortunately they were already finished with dinner, but Cindy had just finished taking some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven!!!! With a glass of milk they were soooo yummy!!! It made for a good dinner! It was great the whole family was together. Mike and sharon and Daniel were over visiting. Unfortunately they were unable to go to the movies with us. Well me and my brothers and our sister Sarah headed out. We saw RATATOUILLE!!!! It was good. I think I laughed more than anyone else though. I'm just a little kid at heart!!! Course, I wouldn't have it any other way!! Then we went shopping at Lowe's. The guys needed some safety glasses!! Sarah is spending the night with me cause i have tomorrow off!! We are watching the Lion King before bed. Tomorrow we'll sleep in but not too late cause i have to have her back by 12:30. She is going out for ice cream with her Sunday School teacher!! Not sure what else we're going to do. Whatever trouble we can find i guess!!!