Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Well i had a wicked good time at camp. I went up Sunday afternoon and got back this evening! I made it to Lincoln a little early for church so i visited my Great Aunt Bobbie. We went out for dinner. Then i tried to get to church right on time maybe a minute late hoping not to have to talk to the pastor's sons, but of course they hadn't even started yet and Ben (one of the most annoying people on earth!!) asked me to sit with him since i was by myself and since everyone thinks we're friends i did. Ben is so full of himself and he sat there in what looked like camp clothes and drank his cup of coffee through the whole service which his dad didn't even preach cause they are watching videos for sermons now except they aren't sermons just lectures about creation!! They really need someone to move into the area and start a good church. They are celebrating they're 10th yr anniversary this weekend and still no one new in the church! Its really sad.
I enjoyed camp so much!!! With the sun coming up in the morning on the beach it was the perfect setting to eat breakfast and read your Bible. Its so peaceful and we had some loons hanging out in front of our camp all week!! I love to listen to the loons!!
So I worked wicked hard at camp. It got moved back so i had to clean up what was under the camp. DISGUSTING!!! Then i raked the beach up and me and catherine raked some of the lake in front of the camp cuase our neighbors Ballards don't care about their section and have let the weeds grow up big and the muck is starting to move in. We picked a ton of clams and then we swam to the rock and wiped the slime off!!! Harder to find since we moved the camp and we always measured by the front window!!! We spent a little time with our neighbors the Libby's. He took us for a tube ride!!! Me and Catherine are never to old for that!! The only problem was he got the double tube for his kids and they are a lot smaller than us so our feet were hanging over edge!! Then he had me take the next couple kids for their rides so now my arms are a little tired!!! We borrowed Glo's kyaks this morning and went inton Bear Brook. WE didn't see any wildlife. Not even a frog. We did end up finding a monster of a blood sucker though. Biggest one i've seen in a long time!! We killed it!!! We spent our night playing cribbage and mille bornes!! Nan and Gramp and Uncle Barry and his family came out for dinner for the 4th!!! Unfortunatley i had to leave to get back for work so i headed home and spent the night by myself. I stopped at Nan and Gramp's first to grab the last 2 muffins Nan made yesterday!!! She makes the best ones!!!! I stopped and got the necessities to survive!! I got some hotdog bunns to go with my red hotdogs and baked beans, strawberry milk and waffles for breakfast!!! Can't wait till the parents come home!!!
Me and Gramp
Me and Nan
Starting The Fire

The Blood Sucker!!!

Playing Cribbage


Ladder Ball!!

Sleeping In!!!