Saturday, 16 June 2007


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!! I love my dad and i just wanted to let everyone know that mine is the best!! Its ok you can go ahead and agree with me, don't worry i won't tell your dad!!
My dad is the youngest of five kids. He grew up on a potatoe farm in Lee, Maine. He was saved as a young boy, but drifted from the Lord while growing up. When he was around my age he was living at our camp for the summer and found an old Bible his mom had left there. He decided to read it so that he could find all the mistakes and show it to whoever bothered him with the gospel. Of course, while reading the Bible the Holy Spirit spoke to him and he has been living for the Lord ever since. After marrying my mom he attended Hyles Anderson and has been actively involved in church ever since. Normally through the bus ministry or teaching a Sunday School class. Dad has been involved in carpentry ever since he was a teenager (i am not allowed to show anyone that picture!) and has pretty much stuck to that line of work though he has tried his hand at trucking and insurance a time or two. My parents have been married for almost 30 yrs. and have 5 wonderful children!!! And of course their favorite is ME!!!! I can't help it if i'm so loveable!!!
My dad has always been there to encourage me and help me live for the Lord. He has taken me to church since i was born and got me involved in the bus ministry in the 5th grade. He came to every volleyball game of mine in highschool that was possible for him to attend and cheered me on. He got me involved in his work ever since i was little doing rehab houses with him. I am his favorite painter. I am his baby girl and he has truly spoiled me! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!
My dad pigging out at the lobstah feed!Me and my dad in California!

A Long Day!

Well we started working in the kitchen at 9 this morning! It wasn't too bad but i have to say doing the meat platters, the salami really ruined my appetite!! IT WAS DISGUSTING!!! So anyways we worked fast and it was wicked hot!!! Though we were a little shorthanded and almost ran out of time. We were running the last of the food in the gym as the bride and groom came out!!! Me and Haley were put in charge of the punch table. We were ahead for a little while but because it was so hot people were drinking like they were cammels or something!!! Our table was so messy and we had bottles and jugs everywhere!!! It was a sticky mess! We finally got back on top of things and were able to relax a few minutes before clean up! The bride and groom seemed very happy though it was weird seeing them. We all went to school together and i never would have put them two together! They are cute though. Well now i am just relaxing so this is all for now.
This is me and my friend Amanda

Me, Haley and John