Sunday, 12 August 2007

Summer Is Over!

Well my last week to enjoy my summer was great!!! Late Sunday night i headed up to camp with my friend Rach and Mrs. Weeks and her girls. My mom and Mrs. Berry and her boys were already there. We about froze the first night. It has been getting wicked cold lately and we didn't have enough blankets on the beds! It was sort of a gloomy day with overhanging clouds and a rain storm in the afternoon, but we went tubing and played games. Tuesday was the day they had to leave and like always it was gorgeous!!!! They hated to go but we got some jet skiing in, went kyaking and layed out for a little bit. Wednesday it rained so me and mom headed to Bangor for some school shopping. Now i hate shopping and i'm not very good at it, but we did quite well compared to previous years! We had to get a pedicure cause mom said she needed something for putting up with me all day! I had to take a 2 hr nap when we were done cause shopping wears me out!!! When we got back i built a nice fire with the wood in the woodshed and then we had a major thunder and lightning storm, but it made it through it all. Course when Nate and Dad showed up Dad was quite upset with me for using his hardwood in the shed!!! That is for inside the camp only and i was to use wood from brush piles outside. I was having trouble enough getting the fire going with his dry wood, I can't imagine trying to use the wet wood outside!!!!! I made him a nice s'more though and he cooled down. Thursday was quite nice and my relatives from South Carolina came up for the day. We ate no bakes and went tubing!! Friday me and Nate got up and went to Nan and Gramp's for breakfast. Lynn was still there and we had a nice little visit and enjoyed Nan's blueberry muffins!!! YUMMY!!!! I visited with Glo our neighbor a little that night and found out that we both enjoy cribbage so i went down and played a game with her the next day. Saturday was the best day of all and i really didn't want to leave but it was a good ending. We jet skied and visited. I played with my cousins Isaac and Caleb and layed out. It was sad to say good bye to everyone. The Libbys and Glo's clan are like a summer family and they are all so nice. I am going to really miss them this winter!!! Dad has been putting some siding onto the camp and it looks totally different! There will be more photos of camp in My Photo Album. Me and Nate made it home safely and Nate is going to show his slide presentation from Spain tonight in church! Well my church is having a cookout before the service since most of the college students are going to be leaving soon. Gotta go get ready!!!!
kyaking to the island

me falling into the fire

Me and Drew Libby

Me and Glo