Saturday, 30 June 2007

Maine's Portland Sea Dogs!!!

Well i was pretty bored this afternoon and so i texted my friend Haley to see what she was up to and her family was going to the Sea Dogs game. I'm not much for baseball but i figured i got nothing better to do. So i went over to the Mason's and we had ourselves a some homeade baked beans and hot dogs!!! YUMMY!!!! The Fields (an older couple the age of my parents) came and jeremy. The game was boring as all get out but during one of the breaks the Fields got chosen to play the game. It was wicked funny!!! They had to try and catch lobsters in a lobster crate as a couple people just kept chucking the lobsters at them!!!! Me Haley and Jeremy left during the 9th inning cause they were losing and we didn't want to have to wait on traffic. Everything was going fine. We had the windows down and it felt good but then haley complained about the air outside so jeremy shut all windows and turned the heat on full blast!!! IT WAS SO HOT!!!! Me and haley tried everything. We stripped a little and plastered jeremy with all the clothes we could lay our hands on, made loud annoying noises and sang off tune at the top of our lungs and he still didn't switch it!!! At least he turned off his bad taste in music off and tuned into the red sox game. That was a little better but we were a little wet after the 45 minute ride with hot air blowing on us!!! John came over and we were going to have a fire but it didn't work out so we got a movie off demand but i left cause mike texted me to inform me that my bus was going to be leaving sooner than expected tomorrow so i needed to get to bed!
Hope you all have a WICKED GOOD 4TH OF JULY!!!!!

Torture Before Pleasure!!!!

Well i made it!!!! I finally finished the liver cleanse!! Don't worry i'm not going into detail. I just wanted to let you all know of my accomplishment!! It tasted worse than i remember and this mornings doses didn't go over so well. On the last one i had to dump the last swallow out. I couldn't handle it anymore!!! Me and mom have been watching movies and resting. During First Wives Club we finally got to eat something!!!! I had some strawberries then a tunafish sandwich!!!! Couln't have asked for anything better!!!
Tomorrow after the morning service i believe i'm going to head up to camp for the 4th!!!! I love being there and i will let you know how it went when i return at the end of the week! I most likely be in communication with anyone till thursday or friday. There are no computers, or phone service at camp which is how i like it!!!! Well we can get a little service if you stand on top of the picnic table and hold real still, but only with my dad's phone!! I'm excited to see catherine again and i hope to work on my tan and get it more even!! It is suppose to be wicked nice this week and i just hope the lake is warm enough!!! I know catherine is going to make me swim to the big rock the first chance we get!! I also hope to get some kyaking in. Well i wish everybody a wicked good 4th of July!!!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


It has been wicked hot and humid here in Maine this week! YUCK!!!! So i haven't really felt like doing much. No one really seems to have much energy this week though we were kinda antsy at church tonight!! Anyways!! I really wasn't looking forward to work today because of the humidity, but it went alright. The girls have some program they do on Wednesday mornings so we just had 4 boys and we played outside all morning. Then i sprayed them down with the hose for a while. They had a lot of fun with that!! We kept them in a lot more in the afternoon than usual because it was too hot and the kids were a little rambunctous!! We had to ban them from the play dough because it was causing too many fights!! All the kids left early so i got to leave 15 min. early!!! I was wicked excited cause i only have an hour to get ready for church and i wanted to take a shower first cause i felt disgusting. Since i work up by the church and it takes too long to get home i just go to the Fortins to get ready and i just so happened to get there when they were eating dinner so i got to stuff my face as well!!!!
Church was really good. Me and my friend Sharon sit with the Fortins. They have pretty much adopted us into their family. Unfortunatley our schedules don't allow us much time to get together like we are use to so church is really the only time we get to see each other though i am spending tomorrow night with them!!! I can't wait!! Anyways my pastor put his back out earlier today so Pastor Powell filled in and he is sort of known for being very monotone, but he did an excellent job and preached on praising the Lord and reasons that we always have no matter what the circumstances are that we can praise the Lord for. Very good and encouraging!!
After church i was on my way home and somehow my parents ended up behind me which is wierd cause they left before me, but anywho they called me up and dad wanted to treat us to ice cream so we stopped at the Dairy Maid and i had Maine Tracks which has got to be some of the best ice cream i've ever had!!! Then we went home and dad decided we needed to put the AC in so we lugged it up from the garage and put her in!!! It gets wicked hot upstairs which is where we all sleep so we are really excited to have it in. It takes a while to cool down and we were sooo hot so me and my parents all went for a swim before bed to cool down. It was so much fun!!! My parents beat me in, but i came running and cannonballed them!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mom didn't really appreciate it cause she didn't want to get her hair wet before bed but i told her it would help cool her down. Well i guess that is all for my wicked good day!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

I'm Just Glad They Didn't Smell!!!

Well it was my first time to camp this summer. I headed up after work and made it around 11 p.m. My parents had already gone to bed and since we are having the camp moved back the gas wasn't hooked up so they couldn't leave a light on for me. I banged my way in to make sure my parents heard me! I felt like talking to someone. Mom came out with our only flashlight. She forgot the lanterns so there went my nice idea of reading before i went to bed!! I really had to pee but they got there after dark so the outhouse had not been cleaned yet. There was NO WAY i was going to use it without it having been swept through so i grabbed the flashlight and headed out to find a bush somewhere, but when i went to open the front door my light went dead and no matter how much i shook it it didn't come back on!!! So i had to turn on the headlights in the pickup to see where i was peeing!!! Don't worry everything worked out ok!
Saturday morning my parents woke me up at 7:30!!!! It was pretty cold and overcast so i was snuggled up in bed when my parents told me about them. BATS!!!! When my dad went to reload the stove last night there were 4 laying right in front of the door!! He just added more wood and cooked them all night! So i had to get up and take some pictures!! Then i went to my grandparents for breakfast, but they had already eaten so i just sat and talked with them for a while before heading back in. They ended up coming out for lunch as well as my Uncle and his 2 boys and my cousin catherine!! We had a great time!! Though it was pretty chilly!! Later on me and catherine were inside playing cards when dad was telling gramp about the bats. Dad couldn't figure out why they weren't in the back of the stove where the chimney was?? He stood there and was like they probably were hiding under this plate that is outside of the stove in front of the door. He popped it open and there were 10 more!!! Me and Catherine ran over to see. We were completely fascinated!! Don't worry they were dead. Pretty crispy too!! Dad helped me get some more pics! After we sat back down dad was like "O MAN! THIS ONE IS STILL ALIVE!!!! Said it to scare Nannie and he did a pretty good job too, but me and catherine were disappointed! We got all excited thinking we were going to get to see one fly around!! Better story you know??? Well i was contemplating on whether or not to stay and come back Sunday or just go back that night so i could work on my bus and me and mom decided to go back that night. Good thing too!! I woke up sick and puked my brains out this morning!!! Wouldn't have been fun puking in the outhouse!!! Lets just say my Taco Nacho dinner last night was a really bad choice!!!! So now i am in bed recuperating and mom is out by the pool! I'm feeling kinda sleepy so gotta go!
Madagascal Pond

Tool Shed, Wood Shed, Poop Shed


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Small Wonders

Well I started work this week. I am now an employee of Small Wonders in Turner, Maine. I believe we have around 18 to 20 kids signed up for the summer though not all will attend every day. This group that i work with is the day camp and we work with children from grades 2 to 6. We took our first field trip to Snow Falls. Its really just a glorified rest area but the children really enjoyed it! We walked along the trail to the end where there was a small pool of water that the kids could play in. They had a blast and got soaked!!! It was kinda funny to see some of them fall in! For the most part they are really good kids. We do have a little trouble with one boy named Triston. He is 9 yrs old and i have been told he has autism. Most of the kids get annoyed with him, but i think he does most of it for the attention they give him even if they are mad. For the most part he just seems like any 9 yr old boy would be. He was the last to leave today and so i spent about 30 min. just me and him and we had a pretty good time. His mom is thinking of moving him to another day care, but i am actually praying she doesn't. I would like to get to know him a bit better i think. I am praying that God will give me a better understanding of him. The Lord has truly blessed me with this job!

Monday, 18 June 2007

It Was Dad's Idea!!

Well it is just me and dad home tonight. Mom has gone off to North Conway for a couple days. So we were just enjoying our evening grilling hamburgers on the grill and i mentioned that i had seen a frog in the pool this morning. I told him i was going to get him out later and dad said to get it out and kill it. He said that was his plan this year since we are always having to get them out! They just can't resist such a large pool of water. So dad figures if we get them out and kill them then we won't have to deal with them so much. He said you just skim them out and drop a rock on them. We decided to go out together. I admit this frog was a little smarter than some of the ones we get, but dad finally got him out and told me to run and get a rock. So i grabbed one from the pile and came over and dropped it, but afterwards dad told me that he doesn't normally crush them that hard. I really drove it in the ground!!! Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, but it got a lot of dirt on it! The guts came right out of the side of it!! SO GROSS!!! Now i know some of you may be a little upset about this post of mine, but i guess i'm a little heartless when it comes to frogs. I won't even begin to tell you all of the things i've done to the creatures. At least i put this one out of its misery, though it did move a little while taking pictures, but i'm sure it was just nerves! Anyways sorry if this was a little much for some of you! I'll be sure to make the next one uninteresting!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!! I love my dad and i just wanted to let everyone know that mine is the best!! Its ok you can go ahead and agree with me, don't worry i won't tell your dad!!
My dad is the youngest of five kids. He grew up on a potatoe farm in Lee, Maine. He was saved as a young boy, but drifted from the Lord while growing up. When he was around my age he was living at our camp for the summer and found an old Bible his mom had left there. He decided to read it so that he could find all the mistakes and show it to whoever bothered him with the gospel. Of course, while reading the Bible the Holy Spirit spoke to him and he has been living for the Lord ever since. After marrying my mom he attended Hyles Anderson and has been actively involved in church ever since. Normally through the bus ministry or teaching a Sunday School class. Dad has been involved in carpentry ever since he was a teenager (i am not allowed to show anyone that picture!) and has pretty much stuck to that line of work though he has tried his hand at trucking and insurance a time or two. My parents have been married for almost 30 yrs. and have 5 wonderful children!!! And of course their favorite is ME!!!! I can't help it if i'm so loveable!!!
My dad has always been there to encourage me and help me live for the Lord. He has taken me to church since i was born and got me involved in the bus ministry in the 5th grade. He came to every volleyball game of mine in highschool that was possible for him to attend and cheered me on. He got me involved in his work ever since i was little doing rehab houses with him. I am his favorite painter. I am his baby girl and he has truly spoiled me! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!
My dad pigging out at the lobstah feed!Me and my dad in California!

A Long Day!

Well we started working in the kitchen at 9 this morning! It wasn't too bad but i have to say doing the meat platters, the salami really ruined my appetite!! IT WAS DISGUSTING!!! So anyways we worked fast and it was wicked hot!!! Though we were a little shorthanded and almost ran out of time. We were running the last of the food in the gym as the bride and groom came out!!! Me and Haley were put in charge of the punch table. We were ahead for a little while but because it was so hot people were drinking like they were cammels or something!!! Our table was so messy and we had bottles and jugs everywhere!!! It was a sticky mess! We finally got back on top of things and were able to relax a few minutes before clean up! The bride and groom seemed very happy though it was weird seeing them. We all went to school together and i never would have put them two together! They are cute though. Well now i am just relaxing so this is all for now.
This is me and my friend Amanda

Me, Haley and John

Friday, 15 June 2007

An Afternoon By The Pool

Well today was an absolutely gorgeous day to lay out!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was piercing!! There was NO choice i HAD to lay out! so i get outside and start working up the nerve to jump in knowing that the pool is still a little chilly when i spot it. Floating on top to my left! A MOUSE!!! This is the downfall to having an inground pool. Everything gets in it!!! My personal favorite is the chipmunk cause they die swimming for their lives!!! They make an awful splashing sound and then drown. Their arms are still in swimming motion! Well anyways i get the mouse out and it lands with a thud out in the yard!
I jump in and the temp has dropped tremendously!!! It was wicked cold last night and the sun had not had time to make up for it yet! So i get out quickly and lay out on my chair. While laying there letting the sun bake my skin my friend Sarah whom i'm chatting with makes me feel bad! She informed me i needed to quit complaining about my cold pool and enjoy it to the fullest which i had not done because i hadn't used the diving board yet!!! THE DREADED DIVING BOARD! So after talking with her i march over to the diving board and prepare to dive! There is just one small problem, i am scared to death of diving off the diving board!!! Well i make some practice attempts on the board. Just 10 to 15 to get used to the motions. I TAKE OFF!!! Right foot, left foot and JUMP!!! As soon as i leave the bored i can't do it and change my mind!!! So i do an awkard cannonball. You know the one where you're only half together and gives you a major wedgie!!!! Thanks a lot Sarah!! Anyways i hit the water trying to swim around and enjoy it, but after my muscles started tightening up and i couldn't really move anymore i sort of frozeningly floated over to the edge and somehow miracously climbed out! Luckily the sun was still out to unthaw me! Well that is all for this event! Until next time.....

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Well I Mowed Most Of My Lawn Today...

Well since i have yet to start work i have been doing different jobs for my parents. Today my job was to mow the lawn. You can see the wicked good job i did in the picture above! This section took me about an hour and a half to do. We have a new mower and it took me a little bit to figure it out, but i eventually showed it who was boss!! Though it did give me a very painful blister which has bothered me all day! Anyways, after this section was done i moved on around the back where my excitement for the day was to take place. As i was mowing i saw something slithering through the grass ahead of me. I ABSOLUTELY HATE SNAKES!!!!! They creep me out like no other animal yet i am completely fascinated by them as long as they are behind glass or on tv! WELL back to my story! So i see the snake making its run from my mower, but i sped up and got the better of him! hahahahahaha!!!! BUT WAIT!!!! Its still in one piece! I thought for sure it would be chopped up into little pieces so i ran over it once again!! To my great disappointment it is still in one piece even though it is dead so i run over it one more time and storm off!! Unfortunately i did not see the rock hidden in the grass nearby and i ran right over it! I kicked it off in disgust, but my mower seemed to make some weird noises every few seconds after that so i decided that i should finish the lawn another day. But a while later i was laying out by the pool and i had my mom go check out my snake and come to find out i had chopped the head right off!!! WAHOO!!!!!! Even though the snake was just a baby (as you can see from the pics) i am still quite proud of my kill! I just hope the momma doesn't come around anytime soon!!!

Saturday, 9 June 2007


Life would be wicked dull if it weren't for friends! everyone has one, some have many. you have best friends, close friends and then there are just friends. they are there to make you laugh, encourage you, cry with you and to listen to you! i am so thankful to God for all of the friends He has given me no matter what type of friend they are. through the friends God has given me, He has strengthened me, encouraged me and has taught me some very important lessons in dealing with people. to all of my friends out there i just want you to know that i love you and i'm praying for you!

Friday, 8 June 2007


I'M FINALLY HOME!!!! it feels so good to be in Maine again. i didn't realize just how bad i missed home until i got here. it was great to finally hear people speak with a Maine accent! i woke up just in time to see Cape Elizabeth as we circled it with the plane. it was absolutely beautiful! i can't wait to go to the ocean!!
my parents moved my bedroom but i don't care. i was just glad to have my bed again!!! my pool is open but mom says it isn't ready to swim in yet. i think on the next hot day i will try it out anyways! and we are finally going to have a yard out back!!!
finished clearing it this spring and some grass is already starting to grow!! we use to cut trees down out there every year and have a big fire when i was younger!! and we would all smell like smoke and cook red hotdogs for dinner!! i'm actually going to have my first red hotdog for the year tonight. i'm wicked excited!!!
my dad went up north today but i was unable to go. tomorrow night i will be going to a party for my friend Garrett. he graduated from college. a lot of people i haven't seen yet will be there and i am really looking forward to it!!!
my car is in the shop getting some repairs, but hopefully it will be ready to pick up tomorrow because i have my job interview on Monday. please pray that the interview will go well.
well the snappah is calling my name!!! gotta go!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

My Stay In England!!

well the Lord allowed me to spend 2 weeks in England with my friend Mary Qualls! we have had such a great time and it has been an experience i will never forget!!
we have been helping the Zenkers with the work at Beeches Road Baptist Chapel in Blackheath, England! the Lord has really worked in the ministry here but the people are still very cold towards the gospel. though it is hard to reach the adults the Lord has really blessed in the children's ministries! i am so thankful that i had the opportunity to work with them during my stay here. i must admit i was very uncomfortable with the positions i was put in but the Lord helped me and the experience i hope will be put to good use!
we were able to do some sight seeing as well. our first day here we went to Stratford where Shakespeare's birthplace is. it was a cute small town, but we were so tired that day that we really didn't get to enjoy it. next we went to Bath. that was a lot of fun! i tried some water in the pump room but found it to be disgustingly warm!! we were able to take a 2 day trip to London!! that was my favorite!! we saw the Tower of London, British Museum, Harrods, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Big Ben and the London Eye. we had the chance to do lots of shopping as well. we also visited Oxford University. it was a nice place, but due to our lack of knowledge i'm afraid we couldn't appreciate it like we should have. today we finished our journeys with Warrick Castle!!! the castle was in the best condition out of all of the ones we saw. the spiral stairways made me dizzy but mary helped me. during our stay here we got the joy of experiencing the train, tube and cab!
please pray for continuing work here in England and a safe return for me and mary tomorrow!!