Tuesday, 31 July 2007


My bracelet
Well yesterday at day care me and some of the girls made bracelets. This was my first attempt so its not as good as some of you crafty people out there but i was impressed!!!! I just wish i had more to go with colors i chose!!! O well its not like i ever cared about that before!!
Today me and Nate took Arancha down to Manchester to catch her flight. We got there a little early so i had to sit in the parking lot for a little over an hour. I was sooo bored!!! There is only so much you can do in a car on a hot afternoon. Finally i picked Nate up and we headed to Standish to hear the girls sing. Unfortunately we missed our turn off and our road ended and we were on the beach!!!! So we finally got heading into the right direction and there were 2 accidents on the way. We saw the first one and the 2nd one had just happened. Ended up right in the middle of the highway!!! I don't think anyone was seriously hurt in either one though. We were only like 30 min. late but they were still singing and it was soo good to see them!!!! Unfortunatley we didn't get to stay for long. The girls had tried lobstah this afternoon and i was telling them of my pregnant lobstah experience last summer and Marla thought she was going to be sick cause she realized that hers had been pregnant as well. She thought the little red things were just part of lobstahs and didn't know they were eggs!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It was wicked funny!!! I told them that they all needed to try some Moxie since they were in Maine and they said that they were going to pick one up when they headed out tomorrow!! Hope they enjoy it!!!!
Me all dressed up!!
Me, Joy and Charity
The Girls

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Company Picnic!!

Well the company picnic went very well. We were suppose to have thundershowers, but it was hot and sunny all morning. The crafts went very well and everyone had a great time. By the time we made it down on the beach with all of the games we didnt' have much time though cause the clouds were rolling in. Since most of the kids had gotten into the water already not many wanted to get out and play so we only had 6, but it was still fun!! It started raining at the end during the quarter find. Its the kids favorite game so we finished it, but then everyone left and we had to clean everything up in the rain. Course it stopped when we made it back to the house!! Afterwards i went to see Ellie and Vance one more time. They had a cookout and volleyball. It was a lot of fun and the most exercise most of us have seen in weeks!!! On my way home i had this cop following me for like 10 min then he pulled me over. I couldn't figure out what for so i waited. He said my plates are suspended and asked me if i knew why. Well i didn't and neither did he. He said that they normally take you to jail and have your car towed since it is a class e felony but i explained the situation to him about it being my brother's car and he is in afghanistan. He said i would have to go to court for it in October and if i didn't show then they would put out a warrant for me. I then told him that i would be at college and that its in TN and he was like well that would cost you more than its worth so i'll let you go but dont' drive it again until monday when you can call the dmv. So here i am sitting at home waiting for my parents to get back from camp. Should be here soon!! Arancha is here till Tuesday so we'll be doing some things with her. I'm so glad to have Nate back!!!! Well i guess this is all for now!! Hope you all have a wicked good week!!!

Sarah Fortin
Sarah, Erin and Me
Quarter Find
Craig and Erin

Thursday, 26 July 2007

God Is So Good!!!

Small Wonders!!! I only have a week left and i think i'm going to make it! Its getting old going to watch a group of kids that hate me. Their old teacher blamed everything on Triston cause he is annoying and they know how to rile him up but i've been watching and speaking to all of them so they don't like it. michelle gave them all a talking to and it was better yesterday but this morning they gave me a an attitude. I bought cinnamon rolls for snack before our field trip to the beach. We had a lot of fun but all of us forgot our cameras so i don't have any pics. I only have a week left and i'm excited about getting done. I am going to miss the 2 trouble makers Triston and William. I got burnt pretty well today after standing in the water all afternoon but it was worth it.
Nate and Arancha are getting in tonight and i am going to see them for a few minutes when they drop off their luggage before heading up to camp. i have to stay up to see them but its worth it. I have a huge blessing i would like to share!!! Bernard has decided to get me a new laptop for school!!!! What an answer to prayer!!! He is the best!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Ellie is one of the best friends i've ever had. I've always felt free to just be myself around her and i really miss her being around. We were tight in highschool and when she left for college she use to have me call her room every now and then to sing a song for her and her roommates. Ellie got married last fall and now lives in Nebraska. We aren't the best at keeping in touch, but when we get together no matter how long its been we are able to pick right up from where we left off and have fun! She and Vance were able to come home for a week to see her family and i got to visit with her Monday night. Wish we could have had more time, but i'm thankful for the few hours that we had. I love you Ellie!!!!Well on my days off i have been painting. The Allens have purchased a 3 apartment complex in Augusta and my dad has been doing carpentry work for them and they decided to let me paint. There is nothing like doing a rehab. The buildings have this dirty smell when you walk in, but i've come to love it!!! Its a smell that says, yes its rundown, but i can fix it up!!! I like to see the rooms change and become new again. This is an old apartment with a lot of old woodwork and its going to look very nice when its all done. I really hope we can get most of it done before i leave for Crown. I painted with Mrs. Allen and it was fun painting and listening to the oldies. Dad didn't think i could hear him in the other room, but i could and it was fun listening to him sing You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman!!!! It made me laugh!!! This picture was taken one of my first days when i was working with the extremely runny primer. It wasn't very fun cleaning up from this, but now i am done using that stuff and i'm not nearly as dirty at the end of the day!Well i hope you all have a wicked good week. The rest of mine is looking quite busy!!! I work all day tomorrow then i have church. Thursday i work and then i am either coming home to do a few things (maybe mow the lawn) or spend the night at the Fortins. Nate and Arancha arrive late that night, but it doesn't look like i will see them till Sunday afternoon. Friday i am working then spending the night at the Fortins and then on Saturday we have their company picnic which i am heading up the kid's games. The forecast is calling for rain so please pray that it doesn't cause i'm not sure what me and mike will do if it does!!!!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Fun Times!!

Well Catherine came down Thursday night and we went and saw License To Wed with some of my friends. It was kinda funny, but I didn't really care for the religious humor. Friday they gave me a half of a day off so i could spend the rest with Catherine. We went to Haley's garage sale then had her over for dinner. We played cards and watched Pride. I really enjoyed the movie, but it makes me sad to think it was really like that for black people and it makes me mad to think of the attitudes that some people still have towards them today. I believe all men were created equal and if you have a problem with someone because of their race then I would have to say, GET OVER IT!!!!!
Saturday I got up and went to paint the apartments my dad is doing some carpentry work on. I painted ceilings, but ran out of paint before i could finish my goal. It was a fun day though. I was by myself so i just played my cds and sang. My friend, Haley, gave me a new cd to try so i listened to it a little. I'm still not sure if i really care for it. After painting i went home to freshen up. My boss and her husband had a cookout for all the workers so i made some squares and showed up! I wasn't really planning on staying very long, but i ended up enjoying myself and stayed quite a bit later than i thought i would. Afterwards i went to my friend, Rachel's and hung out for a while. It was a wicked good weekend!!!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Since My Last Post!

Well Thursday i got off of work early and was planning on going fourwheeling at the Fortins, but when i got there i found out that the parents were going out so we couldn't go. Me and Sarah ended up playing DDR and going swimming. It was a fun night. Friday i headed up to camp after work. I wish you could have all been there to see the stars!!! They were so thick and bright!!! I just stood out by the fire forever looking at them. Unfortunately there was a family on the right side of the lake that was having a party.They had hooked up a karokee machine and amplified it so the whole lake could hear them sing as they got drunk for like 5 hours!!! Just before i had gotten there my neighbors down at Glo's came in. It was her granddaughter and her friends from college. They were all drinking and winding down from their day so they were quite loud and the whole beach had to listen to them if we were to enjoy our fires. Some people just don't realize that Madagascal is suppose to be a peaceful place!
The next morning i got up and the sun was shining!!! I picked clams up for a while then read my Bible on the beach. The loons were so loud this weekend it was beautiful!!! Me and mom had to remove the burm all morning then i got to lay out and play!!! I rode the jet ski a couple times and they made sure i knew where the key was left in case i was there and they weren't so that i could still enjoy it!!! My cousin Naomi was out so we took a spin and ended up getting each other off into the water. I haven't ridden on the back of one in a wicked long time and she scared the crap out of me!!! I tell you its totally different rom the back!!!
While sleeping Saturday night both me and my mom woke up and heard some flapping wings. Stupid me i thought there was just a really big moth and fell back to sleep, but my mom is pretty sure that we have a bat in the camp only this time it is alive. We think it use to get in and out of the window that my dad replaced and so it couldn't get out last night. Hopefully my dad can get it next weekend!!!
Sunday morning i was going to wake up and go kyak out to the island hoping to find the loon's nest but it was too windy just like Saturday so i slept till 7 but i had to get up cause i had remembered that my friend Sharon was leaving for summer classes at Hyles so i drove back to make it in time for the morning service cause she was to leave this afternoon. I made it in time and my friend Rachel actually got home on Saturday for the summer so it was nice to see her. We went out with our parents for a bite to eat after church and had a nice time catching up.
Tonight after work me, Haley, Jeremy and John went out to TGI Fridays for dinner. We always enjoy getting together and hanging out. None of us are seeing anyone right now and its sad but we all envisioned ourselves in our 70's living in one big house in a busy place with 4 big rockers on our wrap around porch rocking our days away watching people pass by. Afterwards they took me shopping, but i didn't get anything. Well i gotta get to bed. I am starting to paint for my dad tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

MY DAY!!!!

Well me and sarah got up around 8:30 this morning and watched a couple movies. It was a rainy morning! Me and the Qualls were talking and we have decided to start dieting tomorrow and see who can lose the most!! Then we headed out and stopped at Subway and picked up lunch for everyone. That was a big order!!! So we got to Sarah's and ate lunch and then we played Dance Dance Revolution!!!! Theirs is actually a cheaper version, but still lots of fun!! I want to get the disc for my playstation, but i have to wait a little bit for that. Then i went fourwheeling with Mark, Dan, and Sharon!!! I hope to do more on thursday when i have more time. I had to hurry off today to go sweep through Bern's house. The electricians had been working in there and really messed the place up!!! Took me a while and it was sooo hot in there!!!! Then i came home and really wanted to go swimming, but i was just too tired and we have like 15 frogs in there right now!!! I was sitting and relaxing for a minute and dad came in and asked me if i wanted to do the lawn!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA YA RIGHT!!!!! Not today dad!!! I went and took a much needed shower! This evening i was telling my mom about my diet and she is all about having a food plan so she had me take this survey about myself to find out what body type i am and i am on this strict diet for the next 6 weeks!!! I am soo going to beat Mary and Sarah!!! WAHOO!!!!!
Bernard's House
It Was Dirtier Than It Looks!
Trying Out The New Tub

Monday, 9 July 2007

Me and Sarah!!!

Tonight i got off from work and headed to the Fortin's house!! Unfortunately they were already finished with dinner, but Cindy had just finished taking some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven!!!! With a glass of milk they were soooo yummy!!! It made for a good dinner! It was great the whole family was together. Mike and sharon and Daniel were over visiting. Unfortunately they were unable to go to the movies with us. Well me and my brothers and our sister Sarah headed out. We saw RATATOUILLE!!!! It was good. I think I laughed more than anyone else though. I'm just a little kid at heart!!! Course, I wouldn't have it any other way!! Then we went shopping at Lowe's. The guys needed some safety glasses!! Sarah is spending the night with me cause i have tomorrow off!! We are watching the Lion King before bed. Tomorrow we'll sleep in but not too late cause i have to have her back by 12:30. She is going out for ice cream with her Sunday School teacher!! Not sure what else we're going to do. Whatever trouble we can find i guess!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

College Friends!

Well i had a wicked good weekend!!! My friends Kyle and Anton were in Maine and they came over Saturday night. We were going to play disc golf, but of course it rained when they got here so we went bowling instead. My friends John and Jeremy came and even though they are completely different than each other we all had a good time. After bowling we went back to my house and had pizza and watched the Red Sox!! I WAS BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!! Then i made some wicked good brownies to finish the evening off! Sunday night Anton and Kyle preached in the church they were working in so I went with a couple of my friends to see them. They did a wicked good job!!! Anton spoke on the Joy and Kyle spoke on reaching your family. They were encouraging and convicting and I can't say when the last time that I wanted to go to the altar so bad!!! The Lord really used them. Then afterwards the pastor wanted to take us all out for a bite and when we got there half of the church had showed up!!! It was still fun though. I'm so glad the Lord gave us the opportunity to get together!!

Kyle, Anton, Me

Anton, Kyle, Mike, Sharon, Me

Thursday, 5 July 2007


JOEL HOUSE believed there was a price to pay for freedom. He believed there was a cause worth fighting for. Fighting for America was his passion. On June 23 during his 2nd tour in Iraq Joel was taken home to be with the Lord.
He was from a small home town in Maine and it was a devasting blow to all. My parents grew up with his parents and it has been a serious 4th of July. The people of Lee, Maine have really pulled together. They had the funeral tuesday and my parents have been attending and trying to be an encouragment to the family. Joel was raised in a christian home and loved the Lord till his death!! He was the first of 109 grandchildren and great grandchildren to die. He comes from a very close family. This is the famous painted rock in between Lee and Lincoln. I've helped paint it myself once!! It was painted in loving memory of Joel House. LET FREEDOM RING!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Well i had a wicked good time at camp. I went up Sunday afternoon and got back this evening! I made it to Lincoln a little early for church so i visited my Great Aunt Bobbie. We went out for dinner. Then i tried to get to church right on time maybe a minute late hoping not to have to talk to the pastor's sons, but of course they hadn't even started yet and Ben (one of the most annoying people on earth!!) asked me to sit with him since i was by myself and since everyone thinks we're friends i did. Ben is so full of himself and he sat there in what looked like camp clothes and drank his cup of coffee through the whole service which his dad didn't even preach cause they are watching videos for sermons now except they aren't sermons just lectures about creation!! They really need someone to move into the area and start a good church. They are celebrating they're 10th yr anniversary this weekend and still no one new in the church! Its really sad.
I enjoyed camp so much!!! With the sun coming up in the morning on the beach it was the perfect setting to eat breakfast and read your Bible. Its so peaceful and we had some loons hanging out in front of our camp all week!! I love to listen to the loons!!
So I worked wicked hard at camp. It got moved back so i had to clean up what was under the camp. DISGUSTING!!! Then i raked the beach up and me and catherine raked some of the lake in front of the camp cuase our neighbors Ballards don't care about their section and have let the weeds grow up big and the muck is starting to move in. We picked a ton of clams and then we swam to the rock and wiped the slime off!!! Harder to find since we moved the camp and we always measured by the front window!!! We spent a little time with our neighbors the Libby's. He took us for a tube ride!!! Me and Catherine are never to old for that!! The only problem was he got the double tube for his kids and they are a lot smaller than us so our feet were hanging over edge!! Then he had me take the next couple kids for their rides so now my arms are a little tired!!! We borrowed Glo's kyaks this morning and went inton Bear Brook. WE didn't see any wildlife. Not even a frog. We did end up finding a monster of a blood sucker though. Biggest one i've seen in a long time!! We killed it!!! We spent our night playing cribbage and mille bornes!! Nan and Gramp and Uncle Barry and his family came out for dinner for the 4th!!! Unfortunatley i had to leave to get back for work so i headed home and spent the night by myself. I stopped at Nan and Gramp's first to grab the last 2 muffins Nan made yesterday!!! She makes the best ones!!!! I stopped and got the necessities to survive!! I got some hotdog bunns to go with my red hotdogs and baked beans, strawberry milk and waffles for breakfast!!! Can't wait till the parents come home!!!
Me and Gramp
Me and Nan
Starting The Fire

The Blood Sucker!!!

Playing Cribbage


Ladder Ball!!

Sleeping In!!!