Sunday, 24 June 2007

I'm Just Glad They Didn't Smell!!!

Well it was my first time to camp this summer. I headed up after work and made it around 11 p.m. My parents had already gone to bed and since we are having the camp moved back the gas wasn't hooked up so they couldn't leave a light on for me. I banged my way in to make sure my parents heard me! I felt like talking to someone. Mom came out with our only flashlight. She forgot the lanterns so there went my nice idea of reading before i went to bed!! I really had to pee but they got there after dark so the outhouse had not been cleaned yet. There was NO WAY i was going to use it without it having been swept through so i grabbed the flashlight and headed out to find a bush somewhere, but when i went to open the front door my light went dead and no matter how much i shook it it didn't come back on!!! So i had to turn on the headlights in the pickup to see where i was peeing!!! Don't worry everything worked out ok!
Saturday morning my parents woke me up at 7:30!!!! It was pretty cold and overcast so i was snuggled up in bed when my parents told me about them. BATS!!!! When my dad went to reload the stove last night there were 4 laying right in front of the door!! He just added more wood and cooked them all night! So i had to get up and take some pictures!! Then i went to my grandparents for breakfast, but they had already eaten so i just sat and talked with them for a while before heading back in. They ended up coming out for lunch as well as my Uncle and his 2 boys and my cousin catherine!! We had a great time!! Though it was pretty chilly!! Later on me and catherine were inside playing cards when dad was telling gramp about the bats. Dad couldn't figure out why they weren't in the back of the stove where the chimney was?? He stood there and was like they probably were hiding under this plate that is outside of the stove in front of the door. He popped it open and there were 10 more!!! Me and Catherine ran over to see. We were completely fascinated!! Don't worry they were dead. Pretty crispy too!! Dad helped me get some more pics! After we sat back down dad was like "O MAN! THIS ONE IS STILL ALIVE!!!! Said it to scare Nannie and he did a pretty good job too, but me and catherine were disappointed! We got all excited thinking we were going to get to see one fly around!! Better story you know??? Well i was contemplating on whether or not to stay and come back Sunday or just go back that night so i could work on my bus and me and mom decided to go back that night. Good thing too!! I woke up sick and puked my brains out this morning!!! Wouldn't have been fun puking in the outhouse!!! Lets just say my Taco Nacho dinner last night was a really bad choice!!!! So now i am in bed recuperating and mom is out by the pool! I'm feeling kinda sleepy so gotta go!
Madagascal Pond

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