Monday, 29 October 2007

My Birthday!

Well as most of you know i turned 21 this past weekend!!!! I pretty much celebrated it all week. I like to take advantage of fun things like that! Me and Nate went out a couple times and then on Thursday Mary, Sarah and Cathy took me out to dinner then we walked around Turkey Creek for a while and then went bowling. Cathy took high score in both games so i was a little upset but i tried hard not to let it show. It was a lot of fun though. Unfortunately i didn't bring my camera so mary and sarah have all the pics. Then Friday night me and nate had a party at ms payne's house. We had fun hanging out with friends and my mom sent some presents for us to open. Me and Arancha made a couple cakes for the occasion on Thursday.
Me and Nate
Arancha gave Nate an official Spain soccer shirt.
Our cakes!
On Saturday Cathy picked me up and we spent the day together. We started off going to the driving range to show off our mad skills but we obviously left them somewhere else so we didn't take any pics. Then we went and got some paint and painted their door. It looks wicked good!!!!! After that we went to Red Lobster and pigged out!!!! I ordered a lobstah and made a mess but i think Cathy enjoyed watching me eat it! Especially when i didn't understand the waiter and i said yes and he ended up tying a bib around my neck!!!! Kinda embarrassing and awkward!
Me sucking the meat out of the legs!
Don't worry i explained to Cathy that we pull the meat out of the claw instead of biting through the shell!!!! Could have been a little crunchy!!!After that we headed back to the house and put the door back together. Then we watched one of Cathy's favorite movies!! With about five minutes left she decided to take me out for ice cream! Then we finished our movie and looked at pictures till Mary and Sarah came home!!!! It was a great day to finish my week!!!!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Alysha and I Traveling the World!!!!

On Sunday afternoon me and Alysha were waiting on our ride and got a little bored so we decided to travel the world. Here are a few pics from our adventure! Hope you enjoy!!

We started off fishing in Asia! We are wicked good fisherwomen!!!!!

I think they might be trying to tell me something!!!!

Next we traveled to an art gallery in Europe.

We made a quick stop in Texas but it was a little hot so we left.

I played a quick game of soccer in South America!

But after showing everyone one up they forced us to leave.

Our last stop was made in Africa!

Saturday, 6 October 2007


Its a nice hot sunny day with a nice cool breeze and i'm kinda bummed cause i've got nothing to do but homework. But then i remember that Nate is working and Arancha has never been to the driving range before. So i go and get my clubs, pick Arancha up and away we go!! There were a few other people there, but they were doing the Par 3 so nobody was watching! Since i'm such a pro!! I explain to Arancha a few of my favorite techniques and we start wacking!!! We went through a lots of tees and almost hit each other in the head a couple times, but we managed to make it out safely! Arancha did very well for her first time and she thinks she might like to try it again. I'd say it was a successful day!!!