Sunday, 29 July 2007

Company Picnic!!

Well the company picnic went very well. We were suppose to have thundershowers, but it was hot and sunny all morning. The crafts went very well and everyone had a great time. By the time we made it down on the beach with all of the games we didnt' have much time though cause the clouds were rolling in. Since most of the kids had gotten into the water already not many wanted to get out and play so we only had 6, but it was still fun!! It started raining at the end during the quarter find. Its the kids favorite game so we finished it, but then everyone left and we had to clean everything up in the rain. Course it stopped when we made it back to the house!! Afterwards i went to see Ellie and Vance one more time. They had a cookout and volleyball. It was a lot of fun and the most exercise most of us have seen in weeks!!! On my way home i had this cop following me for like 10 min then he pulled me over. I couldn't figure out what for so i waited. He said my plates are suspended and asked me if i knew why. Well i didn't and neither did he. He said that they normally take you to jail and have your car towed since it is a class e felony but i explained the situation to him about it being my brother's car and he is in afghanistan. He said i would have to go to court for it in October and if i didn't show then they would put out a warrant for me. I then told him that i would be at college and that its in TN and he was like well that would cost you more than its worth so i'll let you go but dont' drive it again until monday when you can call the dmv. So here i am sitting at home waiting for my parents to get back from camp. Should be here soon!! Arancha is here till Tuesday so we'll be doing some things with her. I'm so glad to have Nate back!!!! Well i guess this is all for now!! Hope you all have a wicked good week!!!

Sarah Fortin
Sarah, Erin and Me
Quarter Find
Craig and Erin