Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Thanksgiving Break!!

Well the Lord allowed me to spend Thanksgiving break with my good friend, Cathy and her family! Yes, I had a wicked good time on the dairy farm! And even though i was a little sad to be spending my break in Ohio (i've never really considered it to be in the North!) my opinion was quickly changed! Especially when it was snowing!!!! O it was wicked pretty!!! I met tons of family and friends of Cathy which was a little overwhelming at times, but I managed to make it through just fine. I really didn't want to leave and I was hoping for a major snow storm to keep us stranded on the farm for the weekend, but it just didn't happen! Cathy's family was wicked nice and unfortunately we had to leave just as i was starting to get comfortable with them :( so sad! I know they all miss me :)
They took me shopping on my first Black Friday and I have to say I don't see what was so great about it! The lines were far too long and it was wicked crowded!! But well at least Cathy was able to get something since the whole day turned out to be about her anyways! Though they did get me this really yummy pretzel thing that made it worth it all! Cathy showed me around the farm while I was there and let me experience the fun a little bit! I think she thought I would be grossed out by some of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! We went fourwheeling and Cathy got wicked mad cause I took her through a little mud! She grew up on a farm I don't see what she was complaining about! It was only flying up on us a little! Here are some pics of my stay! Thanks Cathy for giving me a wicked cool break! Love you lots!!
Cathy and Me haning out
letting a calf suck on my hand
it was very interesing!
giving the calves a drink
we were actually already done fourwheeling
but forgot to take a pic so we went back!
I milked a cow by hand!
hooking the cow up
in the milk house
Cathy teachig me to drive the tractor

feeding the calves

some tall thing Cathy wouldn't let me climb cause she said it was too cold out!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Fall Break

Well I just got back from South Carolina where i was visiting my cousin Lynn. She had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from work so we got to spend quite a bit of time together. She owns a horse named Lilly. We spent most of Friday and Saturday at the barn with them. Lynn took me riding on Saturday and i really enjoyed it but right before we were done Lilly took off running and i almost fell off! I was a little shaken, but i got over it. Lynn is quite a bit older than me, but we hardly even notice it when we are together. We can pretty much make ourselves burst out laughing just by looking at each other so it was a fun weekend!

me riding Lilly