Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Growing Up!

Well I figured that since 90% of the people who read my blog didn't know me until college i thought i would share some of my childhood pics with you. As you can see i wasn't lying when i said i was an angel growing up!! As you can see i'm not alone in most of them, but well thats just what happens when you're a twin! I know i don't have much, but mom has organized them and put them away to be scrapbooked one day so this is all i could get my hands on. I know you were all thinking i must have been ugly growing up since i'm so beautiful now, but i've pretty much just been cute all my life!!! Enjoy!!
i was afraid of stopping when i first learned to
bike so i would jump off which is why i wore the knee pads!
we went to Disney a lot growing up and usually
mom would have me and nate matching!!