Friday, 15 June 2007

An Afternoon By The Pool

Well today was an absolutely gorgeous day to lay out!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was piercing!! There was NO choice i HAD to lay out! so i get outside and start working up the nerve to jump in knowing that the pool is still a little chilly when i spot it. Floating on top to my left! A MOUSE!!! This is the downfall to having an inground pool. Everything gets in it!!! My personal favorite is the chipmunk cause they die swimming for their lives!!! They make an awful splashing sound and then drown. Their arms are still in swimming motion! Well anyways i get the mouse out and it lands with a thud out in the yard!
I jump in and the temp has dropped tremendously!!! It was wicked cold last night and the sun had not had time to make up for it yet! So i get out quickly and lay out on my chair. While laying there letting the sun bake my skin my friend Sarah whom i'm chatting with makes me feel bad! She informed me i needed to quit complaining about my cold pool and enjoy it to the fullest which i had not done because i hadn't used the diving board yet!!! THE DREADED DIVING BOARD! So after talking with her i march over to the diving board and prepare to dive! There is just one small problem, i am scared to death of diving off the diving board!!! Well i make some practice attempts on the board. Just 10 to 15 to get used to the motions. I TAKE OFF!!! Right foot, left foot and JUMP!!! As soon as i leave the bored i can't do it and change my mind!!! So i do an awkard cannonball. You know the one where you're only half together and gives you a major wedgie!!!! Thanks a lot Sarah!! Anyways i hit the water trying to swim around and enjoy it, but after my muscles started tightening up and i couldn't really move anymore i sort of frozeningly floated over to the edge and somehow miracously climbed out! Luckily the sun was still out to unthaw me! Well that is all for this event! Until next time.....