Thursday, 5 July 2007


JOEL HOUSE believed there was a price to pay for freedom. He believed there was a cause worth fighting for. Fighting for America was his passion. On June 23 during his 2nd tour in Iraq Joel was taken home to be with the Lord.
He was from a small home town in Maine and it was a devasting blow to all. My parents grew up with his parents and it has been a serious 4th of July. The people of Lee, Maine have really pulled together. They had the funeral tuesday and my parents have been attending and trying to be an encouragment to the family. Joel was raised in a christian home and loved the Lord till his death!! He was the first of 109 grandchildren and great grandchildren to die. He comes from a very close family. This is the famous painted rock in between Lee and Lincoln. I've helped paint it myself once!! It was painted in loving memory of Joel House. LET FREEDOM RING!!!