Sunday, 15 July 2007

Since My Last Post!

Well Thursday i got off of work early and was planning on going fourwheeling at the Fortins, but when i got there i found out that the parents were going out so we couldn't go. Me and Sarah ended up playing DDR and going swimming. It was a fun night. Friday i headed up to camp after work. I wish you could have all been there to see the stars!!! They were so thick and bright!!! I just stood out by the fire forever looking at them. Unfortunately there was a family on the right side of the lake that was having a party.They had hooked up a karokee machine and amplified it so the whole lake could hear them sing as they got drunk for like 5 hours!!! Just before i had gotten there my neighbors down at Glo's came in. It was her granddaughter and her friends from college. They were all drinking and winding down from their day so they were quite loud and the whole beach had to listen to them if we were to enjoy our fires. Some people just don't realize that Madagascal is suppose to be a peaceful place!
The next morning i got up and the sun was shining!!! I picked clams up for a while then read my Bible on the beach. The loons were so loud this weekend it was beautiful!!! Me and mom had to remove the burm all morning then i got to lay out and play!!! I rode the jet ski a couple times and they made sure i knew where the key was left in case i was there and they weren't so that i could still enjoy it!!! My cousin Naomi was out so we took a spin and ended up getting each other off into the water. I haven't ridden on the back of one in a wicked long time and she scared the crap out of me!!! I tell you its totally different rom the back!!!
While sleeping Saturday night both me and my mom woke up and heard some flapping wings. Stupid me i thought there was just a really big moth and fell back to sleep, but my mom is pretty sure that we have a bat in the camp only this time it is alive. We think it use to get in and out of the window that my dad replaced and so it couldn't get out last night. Hopefully my dad can get it next weekend!!!
Sunday morning i was going to wake up and go kyak out to the island hoping to find the loon's nest but it was too windy just like Saturday so i slept till 7 but i had to get up cause i had remembered that my friend Sharon was leaving for summer classes at Hyles so i drove back to make it in time for the morning service cause she was to leave this afternoon. I made it in time and my friend Rachel actually got home on Saturday for the summer so it was nice to see her. We went out with our parents for a bite to eat after church and had a nice time catching up.
Tonight after work me, Haley, Jeremy and John went out to TGI Fridays for dinner. We always enjoy getting together and hanging out. None of us are seeing anyone right now and its sad but we all envisioned ourselves in our 70's living in one big house in a busy place with 4 big rockers on our wrap around porch rocking our days away watching people pass by. Afterwards they took me shopping, but i didn't get anything. Well i gotta get to bed. I am starting to paint for my dad tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!!!