Saturday, 30 June 2007

Maine's Portland Sea Dogs!!!

Well i was pretty bored this afternoon and so i texted my friend Haley to see what she was up to and her family was going to the Sea Dogs game. I'm not much for baseball but i figured i got nothing better to do. So i went over to the Mason's and we had ourselves a some homeade baked beans and hot dogs!!! YUMMY!!!! The Fields (an older couple the age of my parents) came and jeremy. The game was boring as all get out but during one of the breaks the Fields got chosen to play the game. It was wicked funny!!! They had to try and catch lobsters in a lobster crate as a couple people just kept chucking the lobsters at them!!!! Me Haley and Jeremy left during the 9th inning cause they were losing and we didn't want to have to wait on traffic. Everything was going fine. We had the windows down and it felt good but then haley complained about the air outside so jeremy shut all windows and turned the heat on full blast!!! IT WAS SO HOT!!!! Me and haley tried everything. We stripped a little and plastered jeremy with all the clothes we could lay our hands on, made loud annoying noises and sang off tune at the top of our lungs and he still didn't switch it!!! At least he turned off his bad taste in music off and tuned into the red sox game. That was a little better but we were a little wet after the 45 minute ride with hot air blowing on us!!! John came over and we were going to have a fire but it didn't work out so we got a movie off demand but i left cause mike texted me to inform me that my bus was going to be leaving sooner than expected tomorrow so i needed to get to bed!
Hope you all have a WICKED GOOD 4TH OF JULY!!!!!

Torture Before Pleasure!!!!

Well i made it!!!! I finally finished the liver cleanse!! Don't worry i'm not going into detail. I just wanted to let you all know of my accomplishment!! It tasted worse than i remember and this mornings doses didn't go over so well. On the last one i had to dump the last swallow out. I couldn't handle it anymore!!! Me and mom have been watching movies and resting. During First Wives Club we finally got to eat something!!!! I had some strawberries then a tunafish sandwich!!!! Couln't have asked for anything better!!!
Tomorrow after the morning service i believe i'm going to head up to camp for the 4th!!!! I love being there and i will let you know how it went when i return at the end of the week! I most likely be in communication with anyone till thursday or friday. There are no computers, or phone service at camp which is how i like it!!!! Well we can get a little service if you stand on top of the picnic table and hold real still, but only with my dad's phone!! I'm excited to see catherine again and i hope to work on my tan and get it more even!! It is suppose to be wicked nice this week and i just hope the lake is warm enough!!! I know catherine is going to make me swim to the big rock the first chance we get!! I also hope to get some kyaking in. Well i wish everybody a wicked good 4th of July!!!!