Friday, 8 June 2007


I'M FINALLY HOME!!!! it feels so good to be in Maine again. i didn't realize just how bad i missed home until i got here. it was great to finally hear people speak with a Maine accent! i woke up just in time to see Cape Elizabeth as we circled it with the plane. it was absolutely beautiful! i can't wait to go to the ocean!!
my parents moved my bedroom but i don't care. i was just glad to have my bed again!!! my pool is open but mom says it isn't ready to swim in yet. i think on the next hot day i will try it out anyways! and we are finally going to have a yard out back!!!
finished clearing it this spring and some grass is already starting to grow!! we use to cut trees down out there every year and have a big fire when i was younger!! and we would all smell like smoke and cook red hotdogs for dinner!! i'm actually going to have my first red hotdog for the year tonight. i'm wicked excited!!!
my dad went up north today but i was unable to go. tomorrow night i will be going to a party for my friend Garrett. he graduated from college. a lot of people i haven't seen yet will be there and i am really looking forward to it!!!
my car is in the shop getting some repairs, but hopefully it will be ready to pick up tomorrow because i have my job interview on Monday. please pray that the interview will go well.
well the snappah is calling my name!!! gotta go!!!!