Saturday, 4 August 2007

Family Reunion

William and Me
Well my last day of work went well. The kids were good and that helped the day go by. Triston made me the cutest card and i laughed so hard!!! In the afternoon i took just William and Triston outside to play for a bit. It was fun and i'm going to miss them!!
My parents and Nate picked me up from work and we headed to Bar Harbor. We stayed in this dumpy motel and we had the biggest thunder and lightning storm that we have seen all summer!!! The lightning was amazing!!! Saturday we went to Auntie Jo and Uncle Gary's place on the ocean for a little family reunion. We were celebrating Nanny and Gramp's 60th wedding anniversary!! Me and Nate went digging in the seaweed and found some crabs. One kept chasing after my leg!!!! We bought 60 lbs of lobstah and had a lobstah feed for lunch and they were sooo good!!!! I ate one and then me and Lynn sat and picked the leftover lobstahs. It took forever and we smelt so bad afterwards!!! We kept smelling our hands all afternoon. My hands got a little slippery and towards the end I cut myself on the shell. Right down my palm!! After we cleaned up we cut the cake and had homeade ice cream!!! YUMMY!!!!
Nanny and Gramp
Me and Nate

Lobstah FeedWe left the reunion and headed to the Mason's. They were having their annual pig roast and we made it in time for a little visiting and pick up. Us kids played a little ping pong and i won every game i played!! You can view more pics of my day through my link to My Photo Albums and go under Bar Harbor.

Chin Ping Pong