Saturday, 21 July 2007

Fun Times!!

Well Catherine came down Thursday night and we went and saw License To Wed with some of my friends. It was kinda funny, but I didn't really care for the religious humor. Friday they gave me a half of a day off so i could spend the rest with Catherine. We went to Haley's garage sale then had her over for dinner. We played cards and watched Pride. I really enjoyed the movie, but it makes me sad to think it was really like that for black people and it makes me mad to think of the attitudes that some people still have towards them today. I believe all men were created equal and if you have a problem with someone because of their race then I would have to say, GET OVER IT!!!!!
Saturday I got up and went to paint the apartments my dad is doing some carpentry work on. I painted ceilings, but ran out of paint before i could finish my goal. It was a fun day though. I was by myself so i just played my cds and sang. My friend, Haley, gave me a new cd to try so i listened to it a little. I'm still not sure if i really care for it. After painting i went home to freshen up. My boss and her husband had a cookout for all the workers so i made some squares and showed up! I wasn't really planning on staying very long, but i ended up enjoying myself and stayed quite a bit later than i thought i would. Afterwards i went to my friend, Rachel's and hung out for a while. It was a wicked good weekend!!!