Friday, 14 March 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Staples

Hey everyone!!! sorry it has been so long! well today was Nate's big day!!! it is weird to think my twin is married, but i'm soo happy for them!!! it rained off and on all morning, but it finally cleared up in time for the ceremony. nate was going to sing arancha a song about them, but he started and got choked up and was crying and wispering the song to her and then had to stop. the first wedding i've been to where i cried! anways here are some pictures. i hope you all enjoy them!

Nate waiting patiently

Arancha and her dad

Nate trying to sing to Arancha

praying after pouring the unity sand

the bridal party

they were so cute!

our family

me with my twin and twin sister in law

this was a gift to me from Arancha's family

me all dressed up

me and my buddy jonny

my parents