Monday, 17 September 2007

Brad and NIkki

Well Brad and me weren't exactly the closest in the fam by any means, but over the past few years we've actually started missing each other. Brad attened Hyles for a semester where he met Nikki. She is from California and he moved out there after Christmas. They were married last March and are now on their way to Maine. The cost of living in California was too much and they chose the wicked good state of Maine as their next home. They are wicked smaht!! Unfortunately they stopped through yesterday and i had stayed in and i was too tired i slept right through their visit!!! I'm sooo bummed!!! Nate being the great bro that he is took this pic for me. I did get to talk to brad for a few minutes on the phone and i'll get to see him at Christmas so we are looking forward to that. Brad and Nikki have 2 babies (their dogs)!! Mom is always saying she wants to be a Nannnie and Brad was like mom just wait we'll be there with the kids in a month and she got so mad cause she refuses to be a grandmother to dogs!!! Please pray for them as they continue in their traveling! They should be there hopefully late tonight!!!