Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Memorial Day

Well, Memorial Day went very well. I slept in!!! Always a plus with me! I mowed the other half of the lawn and did a little weed whacking! It is much harder than mowing!
I went to Haley's house for FIRE!!! We were suppose to keep it small, but we can't help ourselves!!! Its always way to hot at first then it burns right down and its way to cold!!! Can never get close enough! We had a few small fireworks that we fooled around with throughout the night. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to many more fires with my friends!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Quick Update!

Ok, I know it has been forever since I've updated my post, but please keep checking because I do hope to stay on top of it this summer. Of course, I'll have to find something to do every now and then to have something to write about.

May 4th, I graduated!!! Seems like I have been at school for forever!!! My nephew, Josiah, came over to see me graduated in screamed the entire time because he was so happy for me!!!
After graduation I started home, but stopped in SC to visit my cousin, Lynn, for a few days. We had a lot of fun out in the country fishing, fourwheeling, shooting, and visiting her horse, Lilly.
Then for my last stop, New Jersey! It was good to have a visit with my brother and his family. Brad was stationed there after joining the Air Force. This is my nephew, Ethan.
I am now home and already working! I help out in the imaging, loan, and deposit departments of Androscoggin Bank. It is fun, but a little busier as they are teaching me a lot of new things. Still cold here in Maine, but hopefully will start to warm up soon and also a short season of Black Flies.

The Walkers, traveling evangelist, were visiting our church this past weekend. Bro. Walker is a Cowboy Evangelist and they have a western carnival they use for a promotion. Sunday morning we had one of the highest attendances in the history of the church and 52 people made a proffession of faith. PRAISE THE LORD!