Thursday, 26 July 2007

God Is So Good!!!

Small Wonders!!! I only have a week left and i think i'm going to make it! Its getting old going to watch a group of kids that hate me. Their old teacher blamed everything on Triston cause he is annoying and they know how to rile him up but i've been watching and speaking to all of them so they don't like it. michelle gave them all a talking to and it was better yesterday but this morning they gave me a an attitude. I bought cinnamon rolls for snack before our field trip to the beach. We had a lot of fun but all of us forgot our cameras so i don't have any pics. I only have a week left and i'm excited about getting done. I am going to miss the 2 trouble makers Triston and William. I got burnt pretty well today after standing in the water all afternoon but it was worth it.
Nate and Arancha are getting in tonight and i am going to see them for a few minutes when they drop off their luggage before heading up to camp. i have to stay up to see them but its worth it. I have a huge blessing i would like to share!!! Bernard has decided to get me a new laptop for school!!!! What an answer to prayer!!! He is the best!!!