Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Me and Haley spent New Year's Eve at Jonny's! We got the snowmobile out and rode around his lawn for a wicked long time! Its amazing how one little bump in the lawn could entertain us for hours!! Then we went to get pizza and the place was out of dough so we went into town and got some which is where i got Haley's tattoo. By the second try we finally got the one she wanted. Haley lost my bouncy ball as soon as we left Pizza Hut. Then we went to a friend's house to ring in the New Year but we pretty much sat on the couch and watched the ball drop ourselves. They weren't really interested. Next day we went home before the big snow storm. We got like another foot!!! And that pretty much sums it up!
On our way to Jonny's

We sorta got stuck!

I decided to fix things myself


Haley going over our jump

Haley and John